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wet wipes

12 count pouch
12 count box
60 count canister

Plant-based Wipes
Dermatologist Recommended Wipes
Compostable Envrionmentally Friendly Wipes for Kids Faces and Hands
Plastic-free Kids Wipes
Wipes Not Tested on Animals
Convenient Wipes for Kids


our kids wipes effectively clean faces and hands. as parents, we created Yipes! wipes to encourage kids to develop independent, healthy habits. each individual wet wipe is easy for kids to open on their own. our canister is easy to open, pull and close.


Yipes! wipes are made with 99% plant-derived ingredients and 98% water, plus they are hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested. formulated without parabens, phthalates and petrolatum.


each wet wipe is 94% biodegradable, compostable, not tested on animals, vegan and made in USA.


Good Housekeeping Parenting Award Winner.


convenient individually wrapped wet wipes that take care of every messy, dirty, sticky situation. perfect for backpacks, lunchboxes, pockets, and more. our canister features 60 easy pull out wet wipes. perfect for in the car, in school lockers or on desks and kitchen counters.

“Definitely including these in the kids lunches when they go back to school”


“@yipeswipes are cleansing wipes for face and hands, they will effectively remove all the icky stuff that kids get into with the help of 99% plant derived ingredients. I’ll be honest though. I’ll be using them too, they smell so good!”


“Whether they’re painting, playing, or eating their favorite snack, I know a mess is bound to happen. I can embrace the messiness with @Yipeswipes!”

Brittany Kellem

“I always make sure we have @yipeswipes on hand because not only are they safe for my kids, 99% plant-derived and full of the good stuff, and never any bad, they also allow my kids to practice their own autonomy and independence while learning how to build healthy habits around cleaning up.”


“My kids love how easy they are to open on their own, even at their ages. I use my wipes on the go with their convenient individually wrapped wet wipes that take care of every messy, dirty, and sticky situation. I have a few in my purse, in my car, in the kitchen, etc.”

Brittany Kellem

“Yipes is a face and hand wipe that teaches your kids to develop independently healthy habits. Yipes will have you ready for the mess!”

Brittany Kellem

“The mess is often where the memories are”.

Chelsie Dort

“Having four kids can be quite busy and messy! Don’t get me wrong… I’m still a hot mess but at least I’m prepared with @yipeswipes.”


“Sometimes living is messy…Thankfully Yipes! Wipes makes it possible for us to enjoy the mess knowing that we’re prepared when it’s time to clean up and leave the mess a memory”.

Chelsie Dort

“Easy to use day to day or toss a few in your bag for on the go and perfectly sized for little hands to use on their face, hands or body.”