FREE Download! 5 Creative Crafts for Children on Presidents’ Day for Patriotic Fun

As Presidents Day approaches, it’s the perfect time to engage children in fun and educational activities that celebrate the history and significance of this holiday.

From crafting patriotic decorations to learning about past presidents, there are plenty of ways to make Presidents Day memorable for kids of all ages. Here are some creative craft ideas to inspire young minds on this special day!

Kids Presidents day crafts kits

#1 Presidential Portraits

Encourage children to unleash their artistic talents by creating portraits of famous presidents. Provide them with paper, crayons, markers, or paint, and the FREE Yipes! Presidential portrait printouts.

Read the included Fun Facts on each president for fun stimulation of your child’s mind!

Presidential Portraits

#2 American Flag Crafts

What better way to celebrate Presidents Day than by crafting the iconic symbol of the United States? Children can create miniature American flags using craft sticks, glue, and our Yipes! FREE printout.

American Flag Crafts

#3 White House Architecture

Inspire children to explore the world of architecture by designing their own miniature White House models. Use the provided easy 5 minute playdough recipe and our FREE White House printout to encourage your child to use their building skills to recreate the iconic structure.

They can add details like windows, doors, and even a miniature garden to complete their presidential masterpiece.

White House Architecture

#4 Mount Rushmore Masterpieces

Introduce children to one of America’s most iconic landmarks by having them create their own versions of Mount Rushmore. Provide them with the FREE Yipes! printout of Mount Rushmore.

They can also use crayons, markers, or paint to color the towering figures.

Mount Rushmore Masterpieces

#5 Presidential Trivia Game

Turn learning about past presidents and American History into a fun and interactive game by creating a presidential trivia quiz. Us the FREE Yipes! printout Trivia questions on different presidents, American symbols, and monuments and challenge your little one to answer questions based on their new knowledge.

Reward them with fun stickers for correct answers to keep them engaged and motivated.

Presidential Trivia Game

This Presidents Day, ignite your child’s creativity and curiosity with these engaging craft activities that celebrate America’s rich history and presidential legacy.

Whether they’re crafting patriotic decorations, learning about past presidents, or building a mini White House, these hands-on activities are sure to make Presidents Day memorable for the whole family. And as your children dive into these crafts, keep them feeling confident and clean with Yipes® wipes! Yipes! are designed specifically for kids who are ready to graduate from “baby wipes” to a wipe they feel confident using on their own.

Yipes! wipes are the 1st face & hand wipe created to encourage kids to develop their own self-motivated healthy habits. So gather your supplies, unleash your imagination, and let the presidential fun begin!

Kids Presidents day crafts kits