Pediatrician Sampling Program

if you are a pediatrician or work in a pediatrics office, you’ve come to the right place!

is your office interested in carrying samples of Yipes!® face and hand wipes for your patients?

please fill out the form below to join our pediatrician sampling program. if your office is approved for the program, we will notify you via email and will begin preparing your shipment. samples will only be sent to verified pediatrician offices and not to residential addresses. samples can be sent quarterly or annually.

Pediatrician Product Sampling Program
Children Pediatrician Sampling Program
Hypoallergenic Wipes - Dermatologist Samples for Kids
Samples for Pediatricians

ready for Yipes!®?

please enter your information below to apply for our pediatrician sampling program. we are confident our gentle, hypoallergenic wipes in colorful, individually wrapped sachets will be a hit with patients, parents, and caregivers alike!

if you have already been approved for the program and have questions or need to change your address or contact information, please reach out to us directly at safety data sheet and additional information are also available upon request.

Pediatrician Sampling

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NOTE: By completing this form, you are consenting to receive emails from us regarding this sampling program as well as other brand communication or sampling opportunities.