Pediatrician Sampling Program

if you are a pediatrician or work in a pediatrics office, you’ve come to the right place!

is your office interested in carrying samples of Yipes!® face and hand wipes for your patients?

please fill out the form below to apply for our pediatrician sampling program. if your pediatrics office is approved for the program, we will notify you via email and will begin preparing your shipment. samples will only be sent to verified pediatrics offices and not to residential addresses. we ship sample boxes at the beginning of each quarter, upon request:
o Q1: January
o Q2: April
o Q3: July
o Q4: October
please note, we no longer ship samples automatically. we kindly ask that you contact us by filling out the below submission form when your office is ready for more Yipes! wipes.

free samples for pediatricians

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onboarding currently closed

the onboarding process for this quarter has closed, however, we encourage you to submit your information using the form below. we will reach out as we approach the next enrollment period.

we sincerely appreciate your interest in joining the Yipes! pediatrician sampling program! we are so excited by the overwhelming response we have received so far. we hope you come back soon and visit to stay up to date with all our fun and messy Yipes! projects, news, and more! if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Pediatrician Sampling

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