Our Story

our story starts with a mom who developed Yipes! wipes to encourage kids to develop their own self-motivated healthy habits and embrace the messy side of growing up.

Yipes! are designed specifically for kids who are ready to graduate from “baby wipes” to a wipe they feel confident using on their own. Yipes! wipes are the 1st face & hand wipe created to encourage kids to develop their own self-motivated healthy habits.

Yipes! founder Deborah Lu Lynch’s mission has always been to help others understand health and achieve health and the best quality of life. it’s what’s inside of the packaging that really counts, and Deborah’s focus has always been on just that.

in 2014, a few years before the creation of Yipes!, Deborah began her personal journey in studying the microbiome. this journey began as a result of her drive for health and healing, her health science research, and her consultation with global medical experts. Deborah has served on numerous boards for organizations supporting children’s health, women’s health, and breakthrough medical research.

as a long-time advocate for children’s health, Deborah cites one of her proudest accomplishments as helping to form the founding board of the child health institute of new jersey and lobbying for and securing funding for its creation. her business and fundraising background, combined with the mission of the institute—improving children’s health and quality of life through groundbreaking research—made for a perfect partnership.

today, Deborah has invented and patented many innovative health-related products. science guided by nature, fostering a culture of hygiene, and instilling independent healthy habits in kids all remain at the forefront of her mission.

our team

the Yipes! team is made up of a dynamic group of creative and scientific professionals, including Chief Scientific Officer Brinda Wiita, Ph.D., and VP of Regulatory Affairs Emilia Lonardo, Ph.D.

Dr. Wiita and Dr. Lonardo bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table with backgrounds in breakthrough research, ingredient and consumer product safety, consumer health, and more.