Important Halloween Safety Tips for Your Child this Year⚠️

It is almost that time of year when we pack away our summer clothes and opt for fall weather and spooky things of all kinds! October is drawing to a close, and it’s time to think about Halloween. While the fall is full of scary and spooky good times, safety needs to be the main factor in making Trick or Treating a happy and fun one.

Here are some ways you can prepare to have a great, safe evening with your little ones:

To begin, have a conversation with your children about the plan for Halloween night, so everyone knows how to be safe and everyone can have the best possible time. Talk to your children about their costume ideas. Brighter costumes are better suited for walking around at night, but carrying flashlights and glowsticks can also be an alternative. Depending on the child’s age, they can be responsible for their own light, or you can provide lighting for them. The main idea is to be visible while trick or treating.

Try your best to purchase the proper-sized costumes, as well as masks that do not inhibit your child’s vision. Plan out a route of houses you will visit, and maybe even draw up a map of your neighborhood, so everyone is on the same page. For safety reasons, be sure to go to the brightly-lit houses. Be mindful of crossing the streets safely while on your route. Always cross at the proper crosswalk points on street corners. If you are chaperoning the children through the neighborhood, please put away your mobile devices and be present with your little trick-or-treaters. Instruct children not to eat any of their collected candy until they bring it home and you have inspected it thoroughly.

There are also other trick-or-treating options besides the typical neighborhood tour. Usually, local community centers like schools, malls, and churches host similar events. This provides an even more safe and child-friendly environment for Halloween fun. Some communities come together and do Trunk or Treat events, where they give away candy from the trunk of their cars in places like a school parking lot. If you are driving through residential areas on the evening of the 31st, please drive slowly. Look out for the little ghouls, princesses, and superheroes out and about collecting yummy treats and having a spooky good time.

have a safe and happy Halloween from the Yipes! team