Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love to Cook & Entertain

We love it when kids put on their chef aprons to get cooking in the kitchen.

As the holidays approach, we are celebrating the little chefs in your family who enjoy being great hosts and hostesses by offering good food and ambiance. In addition to delivering them Yipes! Wipes to keep their hands and face clean, here are 6 gifts to feed their culinary aspirations.

Science of Cooking Subscription Box

Yummy Crate from Kiwico unlocks the science of cooking and helps kids gain confidence in the kitchen through a monthly subscription. Crates include three delicious family-friendly recipes that teach kitchen skills, two STEM activities and a specialty cooking tool. For example, kids can learn how leaveners help make food light and airy with stacks of fluffy pancakes, thin folded pancakes, sweet strawberry syrup or explore the delicious browning power of the Maillard reaction with hearty hamburgers, golden smashed potatoes and crispy chicken tenders. Pricing starts at $17.50 per month depending on subscription.

Movie-Themed Cookie Cutters

Williams Sonoma has cookie cutters for kids who love the big screen. The Harry Potter Cookie Cutter Set includes 8 cutters (Hedwig, Deathly Hallows Symbol, Hogwarts Express, Broomstick, Sorting Hat, Snitch, Glasses and Lightning Bolt), 12 icing bags, 4 decorating tips, 1 plastic coupler and 1 storage box for $29.95.

The Star Wars™ Cookie Cutter 22-piece Set includes 8 cookie cutters, 12 icing bags, 4 decorating tips and 1 plastic coupler in a storage box for $34.95. The themed cutters feature Yoda, Darth Vader, BB-8, R2-D2, Stormtrooper, Millennium Falcon, Lightsaber and Rebel Symbol. Add on Pancake Molds with each set for $20.00.

Joy in Daily Bite-Sized Doses

The Little Book of Joy: 365 Ways to Celebrate Every Day offers kids a different way to find happiness every day of the year. The pocket-size book celebrates the little things that bring great joy.

Learn about food celebrated during rituals like the 10-day Hindu festival Ganesh Chaturthi; how to spot and find flowers throughout each season; create your own gratitude jar; learn how to make pastries; make a gift for someone you love; discover the pleasure of letter writing; and find joy in a rainy day.

Each page also offers a mindful prompt to encourage gratitude for things we have, every day. Hardcover, $20.

Food Fights without the Mess

Created by a 7-year-old, Tacos vs. Burrito has become a wildly popular card game that not only makes children laugh, but also helps them hone their strategy skills. It is easy to learn and optimal for two to four players; gameplay runs 10 to 15 minutes. Choose between filling a burrito or a taco with silly or fun ingredients like Hot Yogurt or Gummy Bears, while trying to earn the most points doing so.

Play challenger cards like Tummy Ache to reduce your opponent’s points or battle via the Food Fight card. The game is a smash with kids and adults. Set includes 24 ingredient cards, 32 action cards and 4 card holders. New expansion sets are available. Starts at $19.99.

Little Chef Caddy

The 30-Piece Caddy Collection by Curious Chef sets your little kitchen helper up for success with all the essential child-safe tools your little helper will need, conveniently stored in a countertop caddy. The container has a non-skid base and easy-to-grasp handle.

Items inside include a non-stick rolling pin; medium and large silicone mixing spoons; stainless steel whisk; nylon cookie turer; nylon frosting spreader; pastry brush; vegetable peeler; pizza cutter; medium and large silicone mixing spatulas; 6-piece measuring spoon and 6-Piece measuring cup sets. Also included are nylon plastic knives that feature a serrated cutting edge with a blunt tip to easily cut food but not skin. Tools are heat and dishwasher safe, BPA free, $69.99.

Fairtrade Fireside Cocoa

Who doesn’t love making hot chocolate by the fire at home? Divine Chocolate is a global social enterprise driven by a mission to end exploitation in the cocoa industry and create a world where farmers thrive through a co-operative of 100,000 cocoa farmers in Ghana.

These farmers grow the finest quality cocoa and have ownership stake in the company, a first in the fairtrade world. In addition to all of the delicious bars, kids can experience the most decadent hot chocolate by adding hot milk to the shop’s Drinking Chocolate mix for creamy cocoa. There’s no artificial flavors, no palm oil, no GMOs and soy-free. 14 oz tin, $8.99,