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Yipes! Plant-based Face and Hand Wipes for Kids

Yipes! frequently asked questions

what are the ingredients in Yipes! wet wipes for kids?2022-07-25T07:22:43-07:00

98% water: purified, filtered water

aloe: pure inner leaf aloe vera extract to moisturize and protect skin

glycerin or glycerol: vegan glycerin to retain water and protect skin

benzoic acid from cinnamon: natural preservative stops growth of germs and mold, keeps wipes fresh

fresh “soap and water” scent: smells light and clean, with a hint of cucumber

decyl glucoside: biodegradable mild cleanser and moisturizer made from corn and coconuts

citric acid: healthy and gentle fruit acid for pH balance

tetrasodium glutamate diacetate: made from sugar cane and vegetables, which helps prevent the growth of bacteria, yeasts and molds

soft cellulose wipe: natural cellulose made from the wood of sustainably logged trees; plastic-free, compostable, 94% biodegradable and free of synthetic fibers

are Yipes! wipes certified biodegradable and compostable?2022-07-13T12:37:04-07:00

biodegradability of our wipe fibers was measured by ASTM 5988-12, “A Standard Test Method For Determining Aerobic Biodegradation Of Plastic Materials In Soil”. ASTM International is a globally recognized organization that develops standards for materials, products, services, and systems. cellulose was used as a reference material. compared to cellulose, our fibers are 94% biodegradable. biodegradability was also confirmed in water and marine environments, using standardized testing.

composability certificates for home composting and industrial composting of our wipe fibers have been issued based on testing by TÜV Austria, an international testing organization with rigorous methodology for compostability certification, similar to BPI North America.

do Yipes! wipes have a preservative?2022-06-21T02:16:03-07:00

yes, Yipes! wipes have mostly all-natural preservatives. the main reason we include preservatives is to ensure their safety and shelf-life. they protect against potentially harmful bacteria, mold, and fungus. the all-natural preservative in Yipes! wipes was carefully selected and is made from cinnamon.

do Yipes! wipes contain gluten?2022-06-21T02:20:57-07:00

health-conscious consumers frequently ask if Yipes! wipes are gluten-free. we understand that they like to be super-cautious, even though gluten intolerance has only been linked to foods, so far. rest assured, Yipes! contains no gluten or gluten by-products so people with gluten allergies or intolerance can use our wipes as often as they like.

are Yipes! wipes vegan?2022-06-21T02:22:33-07:00

our wipes are not tested on animals and do not contain animal derived ingredients.

my child has allergies, is it ok to use Yipes!?2022-06-21T02:22:47-07:00

allergens can be a concern for parents. our formulas are free of known allergens and we tested Yipes! wipes in a 200-subject clinical study to prove that they did not cause skin allergies. none of the subjects had skin irritation or sensitization (no redness or rashes). if a skin reaction occurs, stop use of the wipes and contact your physician.

are Yipes! wipes ph balanced for skin?2022-06-21T02:23:05-07:00

healthy skin is naturally slightly acidic. we carefully adjust the pH balance of Yipes! wipes to be compatible with your skin

are Yipes! wipes okay for sensitive skin?2022-06-21T02:23:16-07:00

our formulas are free of known allergens and we tested Yipes! wipes in a 200-subject clinical study to prove that they did not cause skin allergies. besides being hypoallergenic, Yipes! did not cause skin irritation (no redness or rashes). always check with your doctor and stop use, if any irritation or rash occurs.

how do we test to make sure that Yipes! wipes meet the highest standards.2022-06-21T02:23:30-07:00

we want to make sure that you feel good about choosing Yipes! wipes for your kids.   we’re committed to quality and safety, which is why we’ve developed a detailed scientific process to create and oversee our  products. If a product fails any step in the process, we go back to the drawing board. it’s how we assure that you can rely on Yipes! wipes.  

the best ingredients :  we set a high bar for choosing ingredients. our ingredients are screened for natural origin, high quality,  purity, regulatory compliance, and published research.  our soft cellulose fabric is made from sustainably harvested wood and fully compostable

strict testing standards :  our hypoallergenic product formula has been tested in  volunteers under supervision by a dermatologist.   We never test our products on animals.  all products are lab-tested to confirm that they have no contaminating bacteria or fungi, and are shelf-stable for at least two years

what is the expiration date?2022-06-21T02:23:46-07:00

the expiration date is 2 years after the manufacturing date.

where are Yipes! wipes made?2022-06-21T02:23:57-07:00

Yipes! wipes are made in USA

are Yipes! wipes tested on animals?2022-06-21T02:24:07-07:00

consistent with our company policy, no animal testing was done on Yipes! wipes

are Yipes! wipes compostable?2022-06-21T02:24:20-07:00

yes, Yipes! wipes are compostable, biodegradable and plastic free

can I recycle Yipes! wipes packaging?2022-06-21T02:24:38-07:00

Yipes! wipes canisters and cardboard boxes are recyclable. we are always working on ways to improve our recyclability.

are your wipes flushable?2022-06-21T02:24:54-07:00

we recommend composting Yipes! wipes and do not recommend flushing Yipes! wipes.

can Yipes! wipes be used by the whole family?2022-06-21T02:25:09-07:00

our products are great for kids and adults too! while Yipes! wipes are designed for kids, teens and adults can use them and enjoy clean faces and hands.

can I use Yipes! wipes on surfaces?2022-06-21T02:25:29-07:00

Yipes! wipes are designed for face and hands so we recommend them for their intended use.

can I use Yipes! wipes on other parts of the body besides face and hands?2022-06-21T02:25:41-07:00

Yipes! wipes are designed for face & hands but can be used externally to clean the skin all over your body.

do Yipes! wipes kill germs on hands?2022-06-21T02:26:02-07:00

the gentle ingredients in Yipes! wipes have not been lab tested for germ-killing properties. to kill germs on hands, use our sister brand, PlaneAire hands hand sanitizer, which kills 99.99% of most common germs on hands. learn more

what is your return policy?2022-06-21T02:26:29-07:00

all sales are final.

where do you ship?2022-06-21T02:26:39-07:00

Yipes! wipes ships within the USA but we are always looking to expand to new countries as we grow and hope to be available internationally in the future. you can subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates.

what are the dimensions of Yipes! wipes?2022-06-21T02:26:53-07:00

Yipes! wipes are 7 in x 8 in (17.8 cm x 20.3 cm)

what if my shipment is damaged?2022-06-21T02:27:06-07:00

please contact our customer service team at 1-800-572-5805

do you have a referral program?2022-06-21T02:27:15-07:00

at this time Yipes! wipes does not have a referral program but we are always exploring new ways to build our business. stay in touch via our newsletter to learn more.

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