Yipes! ® wipes are made with 99% plant-derived ingredients. they are 94% biodegradable and composed of 98% water. environment-friendly and compostable!

aloe for soft skin: aloe moisturizes and protects skin. our pure inner leaf aloe extract is made by aloecorp, a company dedicated for 17 years to aloe vera. aloecorp Activaloe® products exceed the standards established by the international aloe science council’s (iasc) certification program .

glycerin or glycerol: our vegan glycerin is made exclusively from plant sources. glycerin acts as a “humectant” to absorb and retain water in your skin.

benzoic acid from cinnamon (preservative): benzoic acid stops growth of germs and mold. this keeps Yipes! wipes fresh.

cucumber rose fragrance: mild blend of cucumber and rose fragrance

decyl glucoside: biodegradable mild cleanser and surfactant made from corn and coconuts. mild and safe skin cleanser, perfect for kids. also moisturizes skin.

citric acid: healthy and gentle fruit acid, which you know as the tartness in lemons, limes. gentle acids are powerful boosters of cleaning power and essential oils and prevent growth of bacteria, yeasts and molds.

tetrasodium glutamate diacetate: is a biodegradable plant derived ingredient made from sugar and vegetables. it is a chelator which traps calcium, magnesium and iron ions and helps to prevent growth of bacteria, yeasts and molds.

water (aqua): dissolves ingredients, dirt and food, and keeps the wipes soft and moist.

cellulose soft wipe fabric: natural cellulose made from the wood of sustainably logged trees. 94% biodegradable and compostable, with no synthetic fibers made from petroleum. microtubules in the wipes naturally soak up water and keep Yipes! moist for a long time.