we want to make sure that you feel good about choosing Yipes! wipes for your kids.   we’re committed to quality and safety, which is why we’ve developed a detailed scientific process to create and oversee our  products. If a product fails any step in the process, we go back to the drawing board. it’s how we assure that you can rely on Yipes! wipes.  

the best ingredients :  we set a high bar for choosing ingredients. our ingredients are screened for natural origin, high quality,  purity, regulatory compliance, and published research.  our soft cellulose fabric is made from sustainably harvested wood and fully compostable

strict testing standards :  our hypoallergenic product formula has been tested in  volunteers under supervision by a dermatologist.   We never test our products on animals.  all products are lab-tested to confirm that they have no contaminating bacteria or fungi, and are shelf-stable for at least two years