Building healthy hygiene habits for a lifetime.

Our founder, Deborah is a mom who has always focused on teaching her kids the value of healthy habits. It’s important for kids to feel confident in their independence. Deborah’s goal in developing Yipes! wipes was to create a product designed to teach kids just that.

“When my son realized he was no longer a baby, he was ready to graduate from baby wipes. At the time, there wasn’t a product specifically designed for kids, who are too old for a baby wipe and too young for adult wipes. That’s how the idea of Yipes! wipes was born.”

How do you best build healthy hygiene habits?

Keep it positive!
It’s always more fun (even for adults!) to learn new things in creative ways. After any messy fun, create clean up songs, set a timer to see how long it takes for your kiddos to clean their face & hands with a wipe, or just do a silly clean-up-time dance. It’s all about teaching your kids to build healthy hygiene habits in a fun and independent way.

Start Young
Think your baby is too young to talk to about building healthy hygiene habits? Try singing to them as you wash your hands and explain why you’re doing it. Even diaper changes or potty time are a great opportunity to tell them why you’re teaching them how to be clean. When they get older and it’s time to graduate to wipes designed for kids, they will have the foundation you’ve given them along the way.

Be a good role model
What kid doesn’t like to see their parents or caregivers acting out things kids do in a fun way? Monkey see, monkey do. As you wash your hands, use wipes to clean up your face, or even wipe with your napkin during dinner, tell them why and explain why it’s important to build habits. And give them ways to “play” cleaning with you. Whether that’s vacuuming with mom, washing your hands together in the public restroom or cleansing your hands and face with an on-the-go wipe in the car—kids love to mimic and they’ll soak up all of the healthy habits you’ve shown them.

“Yipes! cleansing wet wipes were designed to cultivate kids’ confidence and inspire their independence.” – Deborah, our founder.