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  • The benefits of messy play & summer crafts for toddlers and kids

    Messy and messes can be scary words for parents. But did you know making messes can actually benefit your child in extraordinary ways? We love all things messy. Why? Because messes are a part of learning, growing and having fun. Quite naturally, messes are a

    5.3 min read
  • A sneak peek behind the (wipes) curtain. How are Yipes! wipes made?

    Do you ever wonder how things get made and how far they’ve traveled before they enter your shopping cart? Are they made in the USA? Are they sustainable and plastic free? How does the team work together to make it all happen? We’re here to

    1.5 min read
  • Building healthy hygiene habits for a lifetime.

    Our founder, Deborah is a mom who has always focused on teaching her kids the value of healthy habits. It’s important for kids to feel confident in their independence. Deborah’s goal in developing Yipes! wipes was to create a product designed to teach kids

    2 min read
  • Better for the planet. Better for your family.

    There can be a lot of questions when buying wipes for your baby or older kids, and sustainability is often at the top of our minds. Most wipes are not biodegradable, which can lead to wipes crowding landfills for 100+ years! Yipes! wipes are

    1.5 min read
  • Father’s Day Crafts for Toddlers and Kids

    Best father’s day crafts for toddlers and kids Father’s Day is a special celebration to honor dad and any father figure in your life, including grandpa, uncle, teachers/instructors, and even mentors. Some of the most memorable father’s days are reminiscent of the early stages of

    3.5 min read
  • Adventures with Yipes! Conquering the Wild with The Wilsons

    Luke and Ella went on an adventure in the woods during their winter break from school. It was a mild winter day which meant less layers and more fun with their dog Freckles. They were eager to bring their hiking supplies, which included Yipes!

    3.6 min read
  • Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love to Cook & Entertain

    We love it when kids put on their chef aprons to get cooking in the kitchen. As the holidays approach, we are celebrating the little chefs in your family who enjoy being great hosts and hostesses by offering good food and ambiance. In addition to

    7.1 min read
  • Boredom-Busting Activities to Keep Kids Busy on Road Trips and Flights

    Families are excited to see their friends and loved ones this holiday season, which means road trips and air travel are on the up! We know that traveling with toddlers and big kids takes a lot of planning (and patience), so in addition to packing

    4.8 min read
  • A Day in the Life of Your Kids’ Hands

    Hi 👋 it’s me, your Hands here. We know how much you love using us to play, explore, swing, clap, pull, lift and steady. You take us everywhere you go, but the truth is — we don’t take all of you everywhere we

    8 min read