Adventures with Yipes! Conquering the Wild with The Wilsons

Luke and Ella went on an adventure in the woods during their winter break from school. It was a mild winter day which meant less layers and more fun with their dog Freckles.

They were eager to bring their hiking supplies, which included Yipes! wipes, to explore a new section of the woods, Mayapple Hill. They felt courageous, excited and well equipped.

Here’s their story.


Luke: I put socks on and waterproof boots because it was wet. Most of all, my new blue vest. I brought a plastic bag to find things in the woods to look under my new microscope. We brought the dog Freckles. I brought a camera to take pictures.

Ella: First I got my socks on then I put my boots and vest on. I also got my new black mini backpack and put the plastic bags and Yipes! inside. I brought the Yipes! in case my hands and face get dirty. I was excited to climb.

Arrived at South Mountain Mayapple Hill:

Luke: We took out the dog and we looked at the map. Then we went where we wanted to go on the map. I looked for a long stick to help me walk and climb. My dad broke part of it because it was really long. My sister and me climbed a big rock. I wasn’t scared. I like to climb a lot and it’s my favorite thing. I had fun with my sister and Freckles.

Ella: I picked up some leaves and a piece of bark with green mold on it to look under my microscope. I climbed up a big rock and I tried to “smolder” like Dr. Bravestone in Jumanji to show that I am brave! Then my dad helped me climb down. We saw a mini fire pit and we walked in a stream. Then Freckles ran crazy along the wet grass. He got really wet on his underparts!

The Stream Incident:

Luke: We found a stream, but then I fell. I had a little scratch on my face and my hands were dirty. Mommy cleaned my face and I cleaned my hands with Yipes! wipes.