A sneak peek behind the (wipes) curtain. How are Yipes! wipes made?

Do you ever wonder how things get made and how far they’ve traveled before they enter your shopping cart? Are they made in the USA? Are they sustainable and plastic free? How does the team work together to make it all happen? We’re here to help and share our world of wet wipes with you—from fiber to finished product. Are you ready for a peek behind the Yipes! wipe?

Wipes Design & Materials

It starts with the Yipes! wipes R&D and sourcing team who work with suppliers to find the softest, most durable wipe. They search the globe for the highest quality materials and source plant based cellulose wipes looking for options that are biodegradable, compostable, and plastic free. Our designers then work with R&D to provide the best packaging for Yipes! wipes. There are three convenient packaging options of Yipes! Wipes: a carton and pouch of individually wrapped wet wipes and a canister of easy-pull-out wet wipes. Yipes! Wipes provide a convenient, on-the-go solution for kids to independently clean their faces and hands, wherever they are.

Manufacturing & Packaging

Yipes! wipes are made in the USA and produced in small batches. Our manufacturing team infuses plant derived ingredients that are paraben, phthalate and petrolatum free onto soft cellulose wipes that are either wound into sheets for our canisters or folded into squares for our individually wrapped wipes.

Quality Control:
Yipes! wipes for kids bring you a safe, effective and fun solution to life’s messy moments. Testing quality is our priority. We test batches in accredited labs for things like mold and microorganisms. Plus our wipes are dermatologist- and allergen-tested. All to make sure Yipes! wipes meet our highest standard of quality for you and your family.