A Day in the Life of Your Kids’ Hands

Hi 👋 it’s me, your Hands here. We know how much you love using us to play, explore, swing, clap, pull, lift and steady.

You take us everywhere you go, but the truth is — we don’t take all of you everywhere we go. Sometimes we go to pretty sticky, dirty, and even icky places that even your parents’ hands wouldn’t dare go, but we know you think those places are pretty cool to explore! We touch a lot more surfaces and germs than the rest of your body parts, which is why it is important to wash our hands and face.

Let’s look at a day in the life our hands.

6:30 AM: Rise and Shine!

Awwwww! Buddy slobber. Mom lets the puppy in your bedroom, he licks our face, letting us know it’s time for chow…and for school!

  • Wash up, scrub hands, our teeth, the puppy slobber off our face and sleep out of our eyes.
  • Dig through dirty laundry for our favorite dino t-shirt, hopefully mom doesn’t notice
  • Scoop one big cup of chow for Buddy.
  • Grab a few extra kibbles, “Sit!” “Good boy.” More Buddy slobber, wipe it on our shirt.
  • Tie our shoelaces, pull on our bookbag, grab our lunchbox, hold on to the rail climbing onto the school bus, play a hand-clap game with friend. AH-CHOOOO! Uh oh, no tissues.

Did You Know? A sneeze can travel up to 100 mph! That’s like a really, really fast car. But sneezes actually protect you! (Just watch out for others and sneeze into a tissue or your elbow). When the delicate lining of your nose notices something it doesn’t quite like — such as bacteria, pet dander, mold, and more, it sends a message to your brain telling it to get rid of it! And then you sneeze. Like magic.

Do us a favor: Since us, your hands, touch oh so many things, don’t put the sneeze on us! If you do, the particles from your nose and mouth will spread all over everything you touch, unless you wash or sanitize your hands with hand sanitizer.

11:00 AM: Recess and Lunch Time

Dodgeball game for recess and chicken salad sammy for lunch. It’s going to be a great day.

  • Pick up a ball, chuck it, pick up, throw, YOU WIN!
  • Time to eat lunch–grab a milk carton from the cafeteria and sit down with friends.
  • Yikes, your hands, we’re brown and dirty!
  • Clean up with Yipes! Mom always packs them in your lunch box. Our favorite on-the-go plant-based wipes to get us nice and clean before lunch time.
  • Lift your sandwich to your mouth, take a big bite.

Did You Know? When you eat without cleaning your hands, everything you touched throughout your day, the mud and germs from your shoe’s laces, the school bus, your school books, and dodge balls all have bacteria on them that you can end up eating right along with your sandwich!

3:00 PM: School’s Out!

Mom picks us up to head to the grocery store.

  • Grab backpack and sand art craft, open the car door handle, hop in, buckle up.
  • Sissy fell asleep in the car ride, her blow pop melting on her fingers and car seat. Yikes.
  • Grab the handle and hop out of the car. Oh, a heads up penny, we dig it up from the sidewalk and give it to mom to hold onto.
  • Push the grocery cart, sometimes mom lets us.
  • Cookies!!! Clutch them tight and try to sneak them in the cart before mom spots us. Shutdown.
  • Can we get this?? Snickerdoodle cereal. Shutdown.
  • Marshmallows?? We lift them high above our head and slam dunk them into the cart. Score.
  • Gumball machine. Insert quarter. Yum.

Did You Know? The biggest bubble gum bubble ever blown was 23 inches big! It’s a Guinness World Record.

6:00 PM: Dinner Time

Parents go to a birthday party while we hang with the Babysitter who is letting us make s’mores on the stove for dessert.

  • Jump off the swingset and head inside for dinner.
  • Wash up our hands, we are having finger food tonight – chicken nuggets.
  • Munch, munch, munch.
  • Carefully cook the marshmallow and assemble your perfect smore.
  • Sticky deliciousness.

Do Us a Favor: Yipes! Wipes can clean any of the yucky, sticky, dirty, or slimy grime from your hands and face. But – use the Yipes! to wipe the sticky marshmallow off your cheeks first, then scrub your hands. You don’t want to spread the ick from your hands onto your face, definitely not.

So that’s us, a day in the life. We got your backpack, your books, the dodgeballs, your gumball, and everything in between. The least you can do is keep us clean, right?