4 Sustainable Lifestyle Tips that Benefit Your Young One

It is never too early to teach your kids about the concept of sustainability. Our youth are the future of tomorrow, so the usage of reusable and recyclable products now will instill in them a quality understanding of caring for the Earth now and into the future. Let’s explore some simple daily tasks for your children and how they can be carried out more sustainably.

You can begin using eco-friendly products even from your child’s infancy. One way is by purchasing cloth pullups instead of traditional paper ones. First off, on average, a family can spend upwards of $3000 on just one baby in diaper purchases. Cloth diapers offer a less expensive option, with also the added bonus of being reusable for future babies. Disposable diapers obviously cannot be reused, do not degrade, and account for millions of tons of waste in our landfills.

cloth pullups

Photo credit: Simply Mom Bailey

Another option would be to purchase wooden toys for your child instead of plastic ones. Typically, wooden toys are sturdier and, of course, biodegradable. Most plastic toys contain phthalates, PVC, and other harmful chemicals that can get on the skin through contact and even evaporate into the air over time. This is a positive for younger children, who tend to put toys and other things into their mouths. Lastly, the look, feel, and weight of the wood materials during play gives children an additional sensorial experience. And the beauty of the wooden toy is the thing that will be cherished and respected in a toy collection for years to come.

wooden toys for your child

Getting out into nature and engaging in eco-friendly practices with your child is probably the best way to teach them about sustainability and caring for the Earth. You can start with activities as simple as sorting different materials into recycling bins and discussing what things can be reused. Indoor or outdoor planting is also a fun activity to do together. During this, have a discussion about the importance of plants and all the wonderful things they do for the planet and environment.

Reusing paper for drawing and crafts in your art area is a great way to discuss what paper is made of and how we can save trees through not only recycling, but also reusing. Talking walks in your local park or neighborhood and exploring nature is one of the best ways to learn about sustainability. Observing the trees, plants, bugs, and other animals will give you and your children a genuine interest in nature and all that it offers us. With this understanding, have a conversation about how we can keep nature as beautiful as it is. We only get one planet, Earth, so it is our job to be as sustainable as possible and show our kids how to be the same. So that the planet will be here and healthy now and for the next generation.

Reusing paper

Sustainability is a journey, and we at Yipes! are always looking for ways to elevate Yipes! wipes to a higher standard. We start with the product, and Yipes! wipes are plant-derived and plastic-free, so they are compostable and 94% biodegradable. Our nature-based fibers come from renewable wood sourced from sustainably managed forests, leaving a neutral footprint on the environment.

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It’s important for Yipes! wipes to partner with suppliers that embrace sustainability. Our partners prioritize transparency and traceability to track the material flow from forest to retail.